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[31 Oct 2003|08:44pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Happy Halloween....and Happy early birthday to me!! Yay...tomorrow I turn 24!!

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[26 Sep 2003|07:12pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Oh my god! I told my mother I did NOT want to work at the resturant with her (she's a cook) and what does she do!? She gets me an application and gives it to my dad. He says "Fill this out and you start working." I DON'T WANT TO WORK AT THE DAMN RESTURANT!!! What part of that is so fucking hard to understand?!

I've had / will have 3 jobs and of those three, I myself have only gotten 1 by myself. My first job was working for AMPM which my dad got me. My second job was / is with the school district - I'm a sub teacher. I got that on my own. Then my mother goes and gets me this job. I CAN FIND MY OWN DAMN JOBS...THEY NEED TO BACK OFF AND LET ME DO IT!! I'M 23 YEARS OLD! I'M NOT A DAMN BABY ANYMORE. I CAN DO THINGS FOR MYSELF!!!

You can bet I am NOT filling out that application and if they don't like it, tough shit!

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Holy Crap!!! [19 Aug 2003|11:50pm]
[ mood | excited ]

In the mail today, I got a letter from NAU (Northern Arizona University). I figured that it was another piece of paper that I wouldn't needed and was prepared to chuck it. But damn I was wrong!! If I understand the lat page, which is how much I owe the Univserity, I only owe them $64.00!!!!!!! I was told that each of the 4 semesters I would be attending NAU would cost close to $2,000.00 but when I got that paper saying the total was only $64.00, I didn't believe it.

The only thing my family and I can think of are that 1) I got a grant because I made the Dean's List for the last three semesters in the community college I attended ... or ... 2) since I'm employed by a school district and am working towards my BA in Early Education, the district is paying for it. We're leaning towards this reason because where the waivers start on the last page, it says "Employer Waiver" ...

But like my dad said, "don't look a gift horse in the mouth." If I only owe NAU $64.00, then I'll gladly pay the $64.00 ... better that then $2,000.00

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Yes I'm spoiled [20 Jun 2003|10:51pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Okay, my parents are on vacation visiting family (That's got to be an oxy-moron hehe) in Alabama. When I found out that one of my aunts lives in a city that has a Hobby Lobby, I at once ask my dad to "pick up a few beads. You know, animal beads, and beads that aren't sold here." And some stickers too that would be small enough to put one toothbrushes and decorate letters to my penpal with. He said they'd try to find the store if they were heading up to Florance (where my aunt lives).

Well the next day when he called, he was like "we found the store. Did you order any beads from Hobby Lobby online?" I told him that I ordered through craftsect.com a few weeks ago, and he was like "Well, you have more beads now....$40.00 worth." I was like blown away. I asked him to get "a few beads". I was thinking no more than 6 or 7 dollars worth -- considering they're 1/2 this week at Hobby Lobby...but $40.00 worth of beads and stickers...Damn dad! LoL

When I talked with mom, she said they got fish beads, teddy bears, turtles, and others that she couldn't remember. So now I have to wait until they come home on the 28th to see what all they got and to start sorting them. I guess I better start getting more bead cases too.

But yeah, I knew I was spoiled...but I guess my dad just wanted to spoil me some more ... hehe.

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[06 May 2003|10:30pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

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Avril's Concert [03 May 2003|05:07pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Last night was Avril's concert in Phoenix ... the one I took my niece to. It was pretty cool, sept for the stupid security guard who told me to put my camera away but didn't tell the people like two rows behind us the same thing ... damn wench (excuse the language). Oh well, I was able to get like 2 full rolls and like 3 shots on the third before I had to put it away *shrugs* I thought taking an eight year old to the concert was going to be hectic, but it surprised me that Katie (my niece) was very well mannered.

My favorite part of the concert was when Avril did 'Complicated'. She pulled 3 ppl from onto the stage to sing with her, and this one guy was like 'Oh my God, I love you Avril!' When it was his turn to sing, he said the same thing; 'Oh my God I love you Avril!' and BEAR HUGGED her! It was so funny! When she had him kneel down so she could climb on his shoulders, his expression was that of pure shock and excitement. I was teasing with my sister when she came to pick us up that he wasn't going to wash his shirt for a while.

But yeah, other than the wench singling me out to put my camera away, it was a pretty awesome concert ... my niece had a blast and so did I.

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Justified and Stripped Official Online Team [07 Apr 2003|09:51pm]
Wanna chance to win cool stuff from Justin Timberlake or Christina A.? Do you want a chance to help promote their tour this summer? All you have to do is join the Official Justified and Stripped Online Team. It's totally free to join and totally fun! You might recieve flyers, keychains, t-shirts, stickers, and more to pass out and promote. So what are you waiting for? Join already!

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HOLY SH*T [31 Mar 2003|11:44pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Okay, while doing research on my ancestors, I found out like the BEST news I could find...I AM RELATED TO ROYALTY!!! One of my ancestors is Mary Princess of England who married Louis XII on October 9th. 1514. But after King Louis died, she married Charels Brandon and they have a daughter named Frances Brandon, who married Henry Grey who was the Duke of Suffolk, and so on until finally it comes down to my family and myself. This timeline spans some 400 years or so...

Wow...This is just to unbelievable...

If you doubt any of what I am saying, I can back this up with research done online. Wow...I'm related to royalty...

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Woohoo!! [09 Mar 2003|08:40pm]
[ mood | excited ]

After trying for weeks and being outbid, I FINALLY found tickets to Avril's concert in Phoenix that met my three condition:

1. It had to be 2 tickets cause I'm taking my niece to the concert as a birthday gift
2. It had to be in the lower level or floor
3. It had to be less than $100.00

For the heck of it tonight, I searched Ebay for my usual search - avril phoenix - and it came up with 3 hits - one of them having the "buy it now" option for $100.00 and free shipping. So I called up my sister and she said it was alright, so those tickets got bought. Section 206 - that's the lower bowl level which is fine with me - row 5.

So that makes 3 concerts I'm going to this year... 2 Justified and Stripped concerts - one in Phoenix and the other in Philidelphia. And the Avril concert. My niece is going to flip when I hand her her ticket! My sister and I have this all planned out. My sister is going to tell my niece that they're going to Phoeinx and I'm going to tag along. We're going to go to the Veteran's Coliseum, and when my niece asks what we're doing there, I'm going to hand her her ticket and plug my ears cause I know she's going to scream.

I so can't wait...54 more days...yes I've started my countdown already ;)

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[27 Feb 2003|09:25pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?

Which Hogwarts Student Are You?

Which Spice Girl Are You?

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Betrayal [13 Feb 2003|10:30pm]
[ mood | eh :-/ ]

Found this while going through some papers from school. It's a poem I wrote...oh Gosh...a year and a half ago....right after my then best friend and I had our falling out...I was just curious as to what people think of it...

Dark thoughts pushing me into darker shadows,
She hurt me more than she'll ever know;
Going behind my back, becoming two-faced,
If I had known then, two years I wouldn't put to waste;
I would have found another friend,
My sister hood with her would have never been;
Forced me to chose between her and the real me,
I didn't pick her in hopes she would see;
Our friendship came to an untimely end,
With too many words said to ever mend;
Who I thought was pure of heart and my twin,
Only had deceit and lies within.

Comments: cali_gal_4life@yahoo.com or comment here.
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I MADE THE DEANS LIST!!! [03 Feb 2003|11:15pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

For the second semester in a row, I have made the Dean's List at CAC. I thought I wasn't going to make it cause I didn't pull off straight A's...got 2 A's and 1 B. But I guess that was good enough to make it, cause the letter was waiting for me this afternoon when I got home from classes. Now, if I can make the Dean's List for this semester, I'll be leaving CAC with 3 in a row. *all happy* Go me!!!

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I MADE THE DEANS LIST!! [03 Feb 2003|11:12pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

For the second semester in a row, I have made the DEANS LIST at CAC!!! *punchs fist in air* I thought for sure I wasn't going to make it cause I didn't pull straight A's on the last report card...I pulled 2 A's and 1 B. But I guess that was good enough to make the list. The letter was waiting for me when I got home from classes this afternoon. Now if I can only make the Dean's List for this semester, I would have left CAC with 3 in a row. *all happy* Go me!!

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New icon [25 Jan 2003|10:24pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Weeee!!! I got bored with my icons so I made/found 2 new ones. The default icon I'm using now is from the cover of Bitter Blood, the second book in The Vampire Legacy written by my favoriate author, Karen E. Taylor. Props go to her for the icon, since it's her book that it's a cover for. And ya'll should read The Vampire Legacy!! It kicks some MAJOR ASS!!!

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Thank you to my best friend! [26 Dec 2002|08:53pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I have a habit of watching TV in the livingroom until the mail comes, then I retreat to my room and watch TV in there. Well today, when the mail came, I went out to meet the mail lady cause I knew she's have a package for me from my best friend. And sure enough she did :)

When I got back inside, I set the package down and opened the first two pieces of mail first, saving the best for last you know? Well, the first thing I opened was a christmas card from my aunt and uncle in National City, Ca. The next was my report card. Not bad actually, 2 A's and 1 B.

Then came time for the package :) Opening it carefully, I searched for the card my best friend told me would be in with the gifts. Upon finding it, I opened the card and read it. I got maybe halfway down the front of the card before I started tearing up. I felt something inside it, but pulled it out and slipped it behind the card so I wouldn't be destracted in finishing the card. Well, I love the card :) It's getting a frame and going on the wall above my bed where all my special framed items are. Now the item I slipped behind the card...it was a gift card to my favorite store in the mall...Hot Topics! And the card itself was cute. It had Carebears on it...awww how cute!

Setting the cards aside, I reached into the the package and pulled out an Nsync giftbag, which will be added to my collection of Nsync items. It'll go on the shelf above my bed...hehe, anything that is over my bed is very special to me, so yeah...anywho, Inside the bag was a 2 candle set. It was so pretty! And that is when the tears started coming down...yes, I've very emotional ;)

The next thing I pulled out was a thin, wrapped item. Carefully opening the wrapping, as I save that too, the first thing I saw was Lance Bass looking back up at me *grins* My best friend got me a Lance Bass 2003 calandar!! For the longest time, I was crying and saying "Aww Momma..." (Momma is a nickname for her because of a roleplaying comm. we're in together).

The last gift I pulled out surprised me with how heavy it was hehe. Again carefully unwrapping the wrapping, I saw that it was a light blue box with stars and moons on it, which I thought was very cute cause my best friend and I usually chat at night, so the design on the box itself is special to me. But inside the box was a matching spiral notebook, address book, and candle. Again, for the longest time, I was "Aww Momma'ing".

I thought for sure that when I had a huge fight with someone I had called my best friend before, I would never be lucky enough to find someone as special as I thought 'she' was. But I was proven wrong...so very wrong. Before, whenever anyone asked me if I had a best friend, I would reply that I didn't believe in best friends...there was no such thing. But now, I reply that, yes I do have a best friend. She's in New Jersey and she means the world to me. She is so special to me, that I would gladdly sacrfice all I have just to help her in anyway I possibly can - her friendship is worth more to me than all I have. Without her friendship, I have nothing in the world worth living for. I realized not too long ago that I care more for her than I ever did for Becki (the girl I had the huge fight with). Becki made me choose between two things that are so dear to me - her friendship and my style of writing. Gigi, my best friend, never once said 'Tasha, either you stop writing slash or I will no longer be your friend'. Never once did she put me into that situation. I know that if I continue to write stories, they will be slash stories - and I also know that if Gigi ever were to hang up her author cap, that she will continue to support me and will never force me to choose. That is what best friends do - support each other in EVERYTHING they choose to do and NEVER force them to choose one way or another. I love Gigi so much that she has, in a way, become a part of me. I carry with me, the love, friendship, respect, confidence, support, encouragement, and so much more that she as given me. There is a line in a story we co-wrote together earlier this year, where a main charactor is talking with his husband's (yes it's a slash story) parents. The main charactor tells the mother "There is something I will never give up for your son...I will not give up the love I have for him. I would rather die first then have to give that up." That is exactly how I feel about Gigi. Her friendship means the world to me and much more.

I know I've said this so many times before, but thank you Gigi for being a shoulder to cry on, an ear to talk to, the voice of encouragement and reason. Thank you for being you...

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Why does this not surprise me?? [09 Dec 2002|10:24pm]
[ mood | giggly ]


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[08 Dec 2002|07:10pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Wow, this week has been one of the hardest I've had to deal with in a while. First, I found out that a friend of the family kind of has a brain tumor and goes in for sugery *looks at the calendar* in two days. He's really sweet too. He used to call me Spoiled Brat because I'm my parents youngest child. His name's Freddie by the way. I'm not sure what hospital he's going to, but I do really hope he is going to St. Joseph. That's where I was one year ago to day when I had my surgery.

By this time last year, I was probably waking up in a room I was sharing with some other lady. The only thing I remember for sure is my mom standing over me and the TV on with "Who Wants To Be A Millionair" on. After that, I blacked out until I felt the bed being moved to a private room so either my mom or dad could stay with me at all times.

It was weird last night. When I logged off line at around 12:30am mountain time. I had this strange feeling come over me, and my head was like, "Don't bother going to sleep, you'll only wake up in 3 hours. And I did...I woke up at 3:30am. I think I did that because last year, on December 8th, my dad woke me up at 3:30am (or sometime very close to that) so I could get ready for the 1 hour drive from home to the hospital in Phoenix.

I don't know, a lot of things this week has been a trigger kind of for me. The smallest thing would trigger a memory. Like, on Monday, I was getting something to drink and my eye fell on this small glass of apple juice that was sitting behing this big pitcher of ice tea. Last year, they had me drink a LOT of apple juice...I didn't even remember it sitting there, then all of a sudden, I see the bottle.

I can't wait for the 12th to come around. That's they day I was released from the hospital and I can hopefully finally get back to normal - where everything isn't bringing back memories of last year. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow to give him and the nurses a fruit basket, to say "Thank you for being there when my family and I needed you".

Okay...um, lets see, what else is going on? *thinking*

Finals start tomorrow at CAC. Can't you just feel the excitement? Blah!!! Tomorrow is my Lit final. We're writting essays on how our writing has improved since the first of the class. *rolls eyes* We're writing an essay on our writing? Does anyone else think that's a waste of time?? Hm?? Then on Wednesday is my American Politics final. We're covering 3 sections, so the Professor said we'd need 3 scan trons. That's got me scared because the first section, I went all blank and forgot to take notes on his lecture :(

Tomorrow night is a city council meeting which I have to go to. I applied for a position on the Pention Board and my application goes before the council tomorrow. It's hopefully going to go UC (unanimous consent) unless one of the councilmembers want's to take it out of UC and ask me some questions *puts hand together to pray* Please go UC - Please go UC - please please please go UC.

Christmas is fast approaching and I have YET to finish my shopping. I still have at least 4 little girls to get gifts for, my grandmother, 4 aunts, 4 uncles, my big sister, my brother-in-law, my father, and I have to get something engraved for a very good friend of mine. I know if she reads this, she's going to wonder what it is, but I've said more than I should have by typing that it's something that has to be engraved so no more hints Mama :)

And now, I'm going to go hide now, or wrap more Chistmas gifts, or role play...hehe Bye bye

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one year ago [20 Nov 2002|10:50pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

One year ago today began the longest and most painfulness 18 days of my life. On Nov. 20, 2001 I was taken to the hospital with a pain in my right side. The next day, my parents were told I had cancer.

December 8th, 2001 was the day I had surgary done to remove the tumor and thanks to the Lord, it wasn't cancer.

I thought for sure today I would have phantom pains - I mean, I've had them before and all, but I was almost certain I'd have them today...but I didn't. I just hope these next 18 days will go as smoothly as the rest of this year has for me....

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Class filled, weird dream, and doggie hurting [15 Nov 2002|08:06pm]
[ mood | sad ]

This week we had early sign up for the Spring semester at CAC. I was suppose to go Tuesday, but I forgot to get my dad's credit card - he pays for the tuition, I pay for the books - that's the deal we have. So I didn't get a chance to sign up on Tuesday. Wednesday was the same deal, except he forgot to give it to me this time. Thursday I don't go to school, so today was my last day this week I could sign up. I was able to get 3 of the 4 classes I needed. Would you believe World Religion has filled up already???!!! Man...now I have to talk to the professor of that class and see if I can crash the course - or just wait for the classes to be purged and try again then. I'll probably do both though cause I need that class so I can start going to Northern Arizona University next year. I've already put NAU off for one year. I'm not about to put it off for another. No way, no how. I'm getting into NAU next year gosh darn it!

The dream I had last night was weird and I only remember a little bit of it. It starts off with JC, Chris, and I playing tether-ball. Chris points across the street and says something like, "Hey, isn't that Justin?". JC and I look and sure enough, it's Justin coming out of a house. He's obviously pissed and get this...he's smoking a cigerette. I thought that was weird, seeing Justin Timberlake smoking. But anyway, JC and I (don't remember if Chris came with us) followed Justin and I guess JC knew that Justin was going to his car cause we started going in that direction too. We got to Justin's car before he did and I don't remember what happened next. It was just weird. I can't get that dream out of my head...weird huh? Anyone got any ideas of what this dream could have mean?? I'm up for any suggestions.

And now for the doggy hurting. Today my doggy, Captain, had to have leg surgary. The poor thing :( His whole right side is shaved!!! And he's a pomeranian too. So all over him is this big ball of fur except over his right back leg and half way up his side. I'm going to sleep on the living room floor tonight so someone will be there with him should he wake up and start whining. I took pictures with my digital camera, but I don't know if I want to upload them and show everyone my poor doggy in pain. The doctor said for the first week, he'd be a three-legged dog then the next week he'd start just dipping his foot down and by the third week, he'd be limiping - that is if everything goes the way it should. I've petted him so much to comfort him that now, my hands smell like that cleaner they use at the vet and I think just being around that smell is triggering some buried memories of when I had major surgary almost a year ago and is giving me an upset stomach. I'll keep it posted in my journal on how Captain is doing.

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*sighs* [12 Nov 2002|08:39pm]
Today is my last day of a 4 day weekend. Got class tomorrow morning and tomorrow night. Funness. Can't you just see the excitement dripping from me??? *sarcastic*

I also have to sign up for Spring 03 classes tomorrow too. Taking a full load...12 units. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 10:00am to 1:00pm and again from 6:30pm to 9:20pm on Wednesday nights. What is with that and offering the classes I need ONLY at night? I've taken like 3 night classes already and I'm taking a 4th next semester! Ugh! I hate night classess! And you know how much these 4 classes are going to cost??!! $451 freaking dollars!!! And next year when I start NAU in the fall, that's going to cost like close to a grand a semester! Thank God I'm only going there for 2 years...wait...aw crap, that's 4g! I better start looking into finacial aide and scholorships and all the crap...*groans* college sucks!!

And last night felt so weird without seeing Rach come on to roleplay. I don't have anything against the new girl playing Britney, it's just going to take some time for us to get used to not having Rach's saracism and seeing her correct our typos...especailly Jayce's ;) But seriously, I miss Rach. I even cried Sunday night when she had to go. Ashley and I stayed in the chat like 30 minutes or so after she had left just talking about all the stuff Rach did while she was with the rping. I made something for Rach too Monday afternoon. Going to send it along with the first week of roleplaying info too. Hopefully by Friday it'll be sent out. Rach, if you read this, we all miss you in the the community.

I guess that's it for now...comment back if you love me hehe
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